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TRIAGE: Referral to a Child Abuse Expert

In New York State there are several centers that specialize in the multi-disciplinary assessment of sexually abused children/adolescents and have medical professionals trained in child sexual abuse evaluation. In general, in order to maximize the medical, legal, and protective outcomes for children and adolescents in abuse situations, professionals who have not received appropriate training should not perform evaluations. If you have questions regarding your role in the acute medical management of a particular child/adolescent, contact one of these centers for guidance. Even though you refer a child/adolescent to one of these centers, you are still responsible for reporting your suspicions of abuse. Report the suspected sexual abuse to the proper authorities and then refer the medically stable child/adolescent to one of these centers.

If the child/adolescent lives in a geographic area where there is no specialized center, a decision must be made based on local availability of medical care. In most cases, the most appropriate site for the medically stable child/adolescent is the primary care office. The value of good medical records and the availability of a past medical and family history cannot be overstated. However, if there is a need for forensic evidence collection, photographs, or prophylactic STD, treatment of injuries or pregnancy treatment, the Emergency Department may offer the most appropriate services.




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