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FOSTER CARE: The Caseworker

When children are placed in foster care, the family is assigned a caseworker. This person can be an important resource for you. The assigned county caseworker has access to previous medical information, social issues involving the child, and previously utilized resources, as well as access to future resources. The caseworker can assist in obtaining medical insurance and transportation to appointments for the child and foster parent and facilitate understanding the placement of the child in foster care.

In some cases children may have more than one caseworker as there may be a private agency involved that assigns an agency caseworker.

Questions to Ask the Caseworker


  • When was the child first placed in foster care?
  • Why was the child removed from his or her parents' care?
  • Was the child ever in foster care before this time? What is the placement history?
  • In how many other foster homes has this child lived?
  • How long did each placement last?
  • Why was the child moved from one home to another?


Most of this is best obtained from past medical records but the caseworker may have further information.

  • Where was the child born?
  • Was the child ever hospitalized?
    • Where?
    • When?
    • Reason?
  • Has the child ever had surgery?
    • Where?
    • When?
    • Reason?
  • What medications is the child on?
  • Does the child have any adverse reactions to medications?
  • Were there any other medical problems?
  • What is the immunization history?
  • Who were the child's previous healthcare providers?

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